Friday, August 29, 2014

When opportunity knocks

Last week, I resigned my position to pursue a new opportunity.  I will dearly miss my current team, product, and customers.  But, you know what is said about opportunity knocking. 

Turns out that a combination of family and professional factors lined up.  It was truly "too good to pass up."   In the course of the many goodbyes, one individual wrote that it takes a lot of the right kind of work to find these things.  He then asked if I had any recommendations. 

My reply was, "No."

Followed promptly by my recommendation.

Know what matters to you.  You are the only one that can figure that out.  Maybe it's money, maybe it's family, maybe it is title and prestige.  Then go a little deeper.  For example, what does money represent to you?  Security?  Freedom?  Is money the only way to achieve these goals?

The things that matter most to you are a filter for opportunities that come your way.  Technology comes and goes (unless mastery of a particular technology matter most to you).  Commutes can be altered.  And yes, cities can be left for new ones.

In the end, know yourself, use that to measure things that come your way, and seek out people that share your goals (since they will likely be connected to others that also share your goals).

Maybe it is less about finding opportunities and more about recognizing them when they appear.